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This is the first version of our Biohack Manual

We grouped basic information about how to build a complete Biohacking/DIY-Bio Space.  The Manual can be found in Spanish, English and Portuguese. We Publish a beautifully designed version and a light version. You can download any of them.


This is an on-going work supported by all the members of the network. We hope to launch a second version with more resources and a handling system for the links, allowing to keep them updates. The Manual is free to use and share following the creative common license. The links belong to their authors, we only put them together in a comprehensive way that allows you to access and build your space using all of them. 


You can download it in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Biohacker igem bio hacker biologia sintetica biologia sintética synthetic biology synbio brasil syntechbio DIY-Bio DIYBio

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BioHackGuide English_Page_03
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