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We created the first Biohacker space in Latin America. 


Our online community Syntechbio (Community of 2000+ science lovers and tinkerers) began as a space for technological advances in Synthetic Biology and Biohacking. Our mission has always been to inspire and help to create a biohacker and a synthetic biology ecosystem in Latin America, as well as, support initiatives that improve access to this technology in the region. The physical space of our community was closed in 2015, which instead of being focused on space access in one country now is supporting all the Latin American region through the creation of the LATIN AMERICAN BIOHACKER SPACES NETWORK.


<Our Main Interest As Biohacker Space were>


Technologies to produce new materials and manufacturing processes using synthetic biology.

Reverse bioinformatics (Computation in biological cells).

Synthetic biology.





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As a Biohacker space, our goal was to automate genetic engineering processes and help in the democratization of this technology. Democratization in this context means creating tools to break down the complexity and cost of the process, allowing these new types of materials/manufacturing processes to become available to the public/industry in general. In the long run, this will have similar effects to the democratization of personal computers, where the user can manipulate the computer without high programming or electronic skills. With these tools, the community will create markets, businesses, products and solutions that were never imagined before. 


Our main projects are related to functional screening techniques to help in the discovery and standardization of biological parts (plant promoters and extremophiles genes) for use in synthetic biology, as well as, molecular automation (Plug&Play project) and education through iGEM participation support. 


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We generated knowledge using the strategy "Learning By Doing" in order to educate undergraduate students in molecular biology and synthetic biology.


The iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) is the largest synthetic biology competition all over the world, which occurs once a year at MIT. After 2004, the competition grew on an international level and 193 teams were subscribed by 2012 iGEM competition.  The teams can create genetic machines by putting BioBricks together and operate them on living cells. 


Our founder was in charge of the organization and scientific support of the iGEM teams at the Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, for the 2012 (USP-UNESP team) and 2013 (USP team) competition. Additionally, he helped them with the creation and development of ideas that were used as projects at the competition. As well as, designing molecular strategies to develop ideas created by other team members and fundraising. 


He also was the Mentor of the Mexican Team TecCEM_HS, which participated in the high-school division in 2015. He was appointed judge at the iGEM 2015 and 2016 competition.  Also, co-director of the Mentorship Program at the GEM 2015 and 2016 competition.


If you want to have an iGEM team in South America or any other country, write us!. We can help you.


Andrés Ochoa C - PhD. in Biotechnology





Astro-LAB USP.

Nucleo de pesquisa em astrobiologia da USP.

Marie-Anne Van Sluys - Gate_LAB USP.


Aline Bittar - Brazil.

Bruno Karolski - Brazil.

Cauã Westmann  - Brazil.

Cleandho Marcos de Souza - Brazil.

Joana Guiro - Brazil.

Jonas Weissmann Gaiarsa - Brazil.

Macarena Lopez - Chile.

Ximena Ochoa  - Colombia.

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