Synthetic Biology and Arts




Híbrida Project 


There are several artists that have use synthetic biology as a tool to develop new works and express themselves.


Our interaction with art has a more hybrid taste. We like to experiment with the space conscience using arts, electronics and synthetic biology interfaces. We want to understand how all these tools can change our interaction with reality.


Our first project explores the development of reality enhancers. Lets enhance our human capacities and become superheroes, enhance our vision capacity, our listening skills. We are going to prototype open source electrical equipments to do all this and explore the plasticity of the biological material to expand our interaction with the environment.


Join US (Open call for participation in Brazil-São Paulo)


Creation and Development: Paloma Oliveira (

Founding:  Pró Reitoria de Cultura e Extensão Universitária da USP.

Partners:  Edgar Andrés Ochoa C.


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